Ready to sell your brand? Mehr erfahren – Ready to sell your brand? Mehr erfahren – Ready to sell your brand? Mehr erfahren – Ready to sell your brand? Mehr erfahren
Our Approach

A new way of e-commerce.
The direct-to-consumer experience

From brilliant idea all the way to excellent customer service


01. strategy

Everything starts with an idea. Inspired by real life experience and challenged with a wide toolset of strategies we create our products and brands around people and what we think their needs are. We are quick, dynamic and focused in our goal to create the brands of tomorrow.


02. design

When the goal is set and the vision is clear, our design experts start giving these ideas a face. Product and packaging prototypes are being made, moodboards and stylescapes created. Layer by layer we add color, images and typography to the branding experience.


03. development

Our developers work on the frontier of technology, while always serving the quidlines of user experience design, set by our UX-designers and e-commerce specialists. We constantly test and prototype new possibilities to perfect the customer experience and increase conversion rates.


04. marketing

Once the product is ready to ship and the store is on track for launch, we start the engines of our marketing campaign. We work with a multi-channel approach by coordinating synchronized campaigns. We work with influencers, pr-agencies and online marketing experts.


05. fulfillment

We promise a seamless experience to our customers. Part of that is an excellent delivery experience. Our warehouses are interconnected with our online storefronts to be able to efficiently pack and ship our products to any customer worldwide fast.


06. customer service

Customer experience doesn’t end with a purchase but goes far beyond. Only excellence in customer service will turn clients into brand worshipers. Our team is focused on quick response and empathetic understanding of our customers issues, hopes and wishes.

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